Here are the top 10 shark movies that you need to see right now

The Shallows

After her mother's passing, Nancy decides to travel to a remote beach. She is attacked by a great white shark while surfing.


Jaws is an iconic tale about a man vs. man-eating animal. Spielberg's suspenseful storytelling  makes this movie perfect to watch

47 Meters Down

Ever seen someone cage-dive with sharks? Did you think, "Who wants that?"

Open Water

A couple on vacation goes on a diving adventure and returns to discover that their boat has inadvertently abandoned them.

Deep Blue Sea

On the other hand, genetically-produced sharks attack quickly and destroy the facility in a series of disasters.

The Reef

This Australian horror movie shows how a group of friends' vacation in Indonesia suddenly turns for the worst when their yacht capsizes off the coast.

Blue Water White Water 

Blue Water, White Death, a documentary by Peter Gimbel in 1971, documents his crew's search for a great white shark to be photographed across the Indian Ocean.

The Meg

Jason Statham is a deep-sea diver hired to rescue members of an underwater research center from a prehistoric shark reaching 75 feet.


After the terrifying shark attacks on Amity residents, trouble returned to Amity when a man-eating shark began to lurk along the beaches of Amity.


Sharknado is a series made for television of six American science fiction films.

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