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Tyra Banks Called Out As “Evil” After An Old Video Of Her Terrifying A Black Model Went Viral



It’s the third day of 2022, and supermodel Tyra Banks has resurfaced, but for all the wrong reasons. After an old footage from the program emerged on social media, the former presenter of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ was slammed mercilessly. 

Tyra Banks can be seen talking to Black model Joslyn Pennywell in an undated video clip from Cycle 11 of ANTM. While Joslyn is visibly emotional, she praises her resilience and strength and refers to her as a survivor. Tyra then tells her, “Joslyn, you’ll be able to survive this,” before revealing that she has been eliminated.

The footage concludes with Joslyn having a breakdown as another contender Elina Ivanova is given the opportunity to advance in the competition. A fan wrote, “ANTM is a psychological thriller,” while another said the fashion reality program was Tyra Banks’ own “Squid Game.” Viewers lambasted Tyra Banks for treating a Black competitor horribly and labeled her ‘evil’ for such stunning mind games.

Tyra Banks was the face of the famous reality show ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ which aired from 2003 until 2018. She was the show’s chief judge as well as its executive producer. Banks, in reality, made more than $30 million every season of ANTM and acquired a net worth of over $90 million. She also recently generated controversy when it was revealed that she paid competitors a pittance of $40 each day on the show while profiting herself.

Since leaving ANTM, Banks has been a regular on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ where she has caused controversy time and again. She has also launched her own ice cream company, SMiZe Cream. She is currently concentrating on her business, which produces ‘Super Premium Ice Cream’ varieties developed in partnership with ice cream expert Dr. Maya Warren. “From purple cookies and cream to strawberry birthdayYAY! From cake to traditional vanilla to brownie-loaded chocolate, this might be the tastiest and most intriguing ice cream you’ve ever tried — and it’s being delivered right to your door! “reads the website’s description of SMiZe Cream.

Banks has not responded to the backlash online but it seems that fans are not ready to let her off that easy. “This is sadistic. Tyra must be brought up on charges,” a Twitter user remarked while sharing the viral video clip. Another noted, “Tyra Banks is evil and enjoyed torturing these girls through and through. I watched some videos from some of the models she worked with and they all had horrible things to say about her…as if what we witnessed on her show wasn’t horrendous enough.”

Here are some tweets:

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