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Tommy James is a well-known musician who has a net worth of $4 million. He is regarded as one of the music industry’s legends. Tommy Tadger is another name for him. Tommy has had a long and illustrious career. In fact, he began his professional career in 1959. In that way, his career spans more than 62 years. To say the least, that’s astounding.

Tommy is recognized for his music, which includes psychedelic rock, pop-rock, and soft rock. You may also recognize him as the frontman of Tommy James and the Shondells, a rock band. Tommy James is the subject of this article. So, if you’re interested in learning more about Tommy James, stay reading.

NameTommy James
Real NameThomas Gregory Jackson
Date of Birth29 April 1947
Age74 Years Old
Birth PlaceDayton, Ohio, United states
Height5 Feet 9 Inch
Weight76 Kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Marital StatusMarried
WifeLynda James
ProfessionAmercian Songwriter
Social MediaFacebook, Instagam & Twitter
Net Worth$4 Million
Last UpdatedAugust, 2021

Early Life

Tommy James
Tommy James Net Worth

Tommy was born in Dayton, Ohio, on April 29, 1947. As a result, he is currently 73 years old. In addition, Taurus is his zodiac sign. Tommy’s family later relocated to Niles, Michigan. He has been interested in painting since he was a child. He was a child model as early as the age of four.

He later established a band called “The Echoes” when he was a teenager. After some time, they changed the band’s name to “Tom and the Tornadoes.” In 1964, he renamed the band The Shondells for the second time.

He recorded his classic tune ‘Hanky Panky’ with this band. However, it did not become a hit right away. People seemed to have completely forgotten about the tune.

He began his musical career when he was twelve years old. It hasn’t stopped yet. Thomas Gregory Jackson is Tommy’s full name. Between 1960 and 1966, he adopted the name Tommy James as his professional moniker. Since then, he’s been referred to as ‘Tommy Tadger’ or ‘Tommy James.’


As we previously stated, the song “Hanky Panky” was not a hit. Nonetheless, a DJ called Bob Mack unintentionally played this tune at various Pittsburgh dance clubs one night.

People began to question him about the song. The song went to number one on Pittsburgh radio stations later in 1965. The song was also included as a regional breakout hit in music trade publications such as Cashbox, Billboard, and Record World.

They moved to New York in search of a record deal due to their popularity. Many record labels have been approached but to no avail. Finally, they went to ‘Roulette Records,’ but they didn’t get a response from them either. As a result, Tommy and the rest of his bands were in disarray.

Afterward, Jerry Wexler of ‘Atlantic Records’ informed them that Morris Levy, CEO of ‘Roulette Records,’ had ordered every other label not to sign them. Because he’ll release them under his own label, Roulette Records.

Morris Levy, for the record, was a feared gangster and mobster at the time. And he was feared by all other record labels. Tommy and his bandmates were eventually signed to Roulette Records. Under that banner, they’ve released a number of albums.

Tommy’s other two comrades quit the band after a few years. Then Tommy enlisted the help of new band members. Tommy claims that the band ‘Tommy and the Shondells’ had a total of 22 members. That means the band has evolved significantly over time. Tommy, on the other hand, was always there. The current members of the band have been together for almost 20 years.

The music of Tommy and his bands have been included in several films and television shows. In reality, numerous brands and businesses continue to use some of their music.

Personal Life

Tommy James continues to perform. He is a true artist who puts his heart and soul into his work. He currently hosts a radio show on Sirius XM Radio. It is broadcast on Channel 6 in the 1960s. The show’s title is ‘Gettin’ Together with Tommy James.’ Despite the fact that he was reared in Niles, Illinois. Throughout his life, he has moved around a lot. He is currently residing in Cedar Grove. He relocated to Clifton, New Jersey, in 1970.

During this time, a ‘mob war’ erupted in New York between criminal families. Tommy was also a target for lynch mobs. So, in order to preserve his life, his boss Morris Levy advised him to depart New York. He also relocated from New York to a new location. He continued to compose music after leaving New York.

Tommy is a man who keeps to himself. He prefers to keep his personal life secret. Nonetheless, we know he is married to Lynda. He’s also the father of a son named Brian.

Tommy James Net Worth

As you can see, Tommy has had a storied career spanning more than 50 years. He is a singer, composer, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist, among other things.

Meanwhile, he was also a member of a band. Tommy also maintains a solo career. Hundreds of TV shows, films, and other events featured his music. His songs have been sampled by a slew of well-known performers.

He has more than five record labels under his belt. He is, in fact, still active today. On a regular basis, you’ll find him on the road. In a nutshell, you could call him a true music industry veteran.

He has amassed millions of dollars over the course of his long career. However, he has also lost it owing to numerous difficulties. In addition, he was signed to Roulette Records as his first record label. Morris Levy, a criminal, and conman at the time, was in charge of this. Tommy claims that he has yet to earn more than 40 million dollars from that record label.

Tommy is said to have a net worth of over 4 million dollars at the present. However, because Tommy wants to keep everything hidden, it’s possible that the information isn’t correct.

Tommy was a drug addict. In fact, during one of his concerts in 1970, he passed out. Even so, he was declared dead. Later, he chose to take a musical hiatus. His band released two albums without him during that time. Tommy is still on the road across the United States.

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