Suri Cruise Celebrates Her 15th Birthday With Mom Katie Holmes in On-Trend Style


Suri Cruise Celebrates Her 15th Birthday With Mom Katie Holmes in On-Trend Style

Suri Cruise, along with her mother Katie Holmes, celebrated her 15th birthday in style this weekend.

On Sunday, the adolescent celebrated in true Gen-Z style, joining friends for a day out in Manhattan dressed in 2000s fashion. A cropped leather jacket was worn over a white babydoll te and traditional low-rise bootcut jeans by the birthday girl.

Retro-chic tops, such as low-rise skirts, are making a comeback in the fashion world, thanks to revivals of the late-90s and early-2000s trends like battle boots and chunky cardigans.

Cruise wore a pair of her favourite floral sneakers, which have become a wardrobe staple for the young actress. The rubber outsole pair featured decorated canvas uppers and a lace-up silhouette, similar to Converse’s iconic designs. On the brand’s website, similar models cost $40.

Katie Holmes wore a more relaxed look in dressed-down loungewear for her daughter’s birthday celebrations over the weekend. The “Dawson’s Creek” actress wore a black windbreaker with a pair of casual trousers and the trendy New Balance x Staud sneakers.

Suri Cruise has already established herself as a young fashion star under the tutelage of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Her effortlessly casual style ranges from classic Ugg boots with torn jeans to a boho-chic look featuring a flowing red blouse, white camisole, yellow midi top, and Adidas Gazelle sneakers. She previously wore a Holmes-inspired ensemble consisting of a white collared shirt with puff sleeves and light-washed mom jeans, which are also a staple in her mother’s wardrobe. She walked in all-white Adidas Superstar trainers, which matched her shirt.


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