Fan Arrives in Mumbai from Hyderabad Barefoot to Meet Sonu Sood, the Actor Says, there is No Need to Take Such Trouble


Actor Sonu Sood has made headlines for his efforts to aid those affected by the corona pandemic. On social media, a video or snapshot of the actor becomes viral every day. Sonu Sood, on the other hand, shares anything from his social media account. Sonu’s post alternates between praising his followers and condemning trolls, as well as pleading with people to aid the poor. But Sonu’s post this time is a little different from the rest.

In a recent post, Sonu Sood mentioned a fan who traveled barefoot from Hyderabad to Mumbai to meet him.

Sonu poses with fan

In fact, Sonu Sood just uploaded a snapshot of himself posing with one of his followers from a recent Instagram post. In the snapshot, his admirer is happy and holding a poster of his favorite hero. ‘Hyderabad to Mumbai’ is written on the poster board.

Actor says fan walked barefoot from Mumbai from Hyderabad

The photo shows a fan who is ecstatic to see Sonu Sood, as evidenced by his laughter. However, what Sonu has revealed about this admirer is tough to accept. According to Sonu’s caption, his admirer traveled from Hyderabad barefoot to meet him in Mumbai.

I won’t be excited to take such a problem

Sharing his photo with his fan, Sonu writes in the caption, “Venkatesh, this boy walked barefoot all the way from Hyderabad to Mumbai to meet me, despite me making efforts to arrange some sort of transportation for him to come here. He is truly inspiring and has immensely humbled me”.

He further added, ” I, however, don’t want to encourage anyone to take the trouble of doing this, love you all”.

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