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Kim Mi Soo death: Disney+ ‘Snowdrop’ actress dies suddenly at 29.



Korean actress Kim Mi Soo, who played a supporting role in the series Snowdrop, passed away at the age of 29.

“Kim suddenly left us on Jan. 5,” her agency Landscape said in a statement, according to Variety. It went on to add, “We sincerely ask you to refrain from making up rumours or speculative reports so that the bereaved family, who are in shock and grief-stricken, can reverently commemorate the deceased. As per her family’s wishes, the funeral will be held quietly in private. Please wish for Kim Mi Soo to rest in peace, and once again, we offer our deepest condolences to the deceased.”

The agency statement was translated by Joongang Daily. Further details surrounding Kim’s cause of death have not been confirmed. Due to Korean age calculation, her age at death has also been varyingly reported as 30 and 31.

Kim Mi soo

Just before her untimely death, Mi-soo had a supporting role on the South Korean television series Snowdrop. The show, which was announced as one of Disney+’s titles in October marked one of Kim’s final on-screen appearances just four years` after her on-screen debut. She was also reportedly cast in Disney+’s Sixth Sense Kiss before her untimely passing.

The show, which premiered on South Korean pay-TV network JTBC (Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company) in December, is a period drama set in 1987 Korea that tells the story of a romance budding amid the political turmoil of the pro-democracy movement. The series, which is available for streaming on Disney Plus, drew widespread complaints in South Korean for its depiction of some student activists as spies. Its depiction of North Koreans, song choice and historical accuracy sparked fierce controversy, with pushback hurting the shares of multiple affiliated companies. Sponsors were reported to have pulled their support and a petition to South Korea’s president was launched, reportedly gathering over 300,000 signatures.

Kim, whose name is sometimes styled Kim Misu, played the character of Yeo Jeongmin , a history student and activist who shared a room with Young-ro, the series’ female protagonist, played by South Korean singer Jisoo of the wildly popular group Blackpink.

Kim Mi soo
Kim Mi Soo, played the character of Yeo Jeongmin , a history student and activist in Snowdrop.

Prior to her appearance in “Snowdrop,” Kim appeared in a variety of other films and shorts. These included her debut in the 2018 short “Lipstick Revolution,” the 2019 films “Memories” and “Kyungmi’s World,” the 2019 JTBC drama series “Human Luwak” and, in 2020, the shows “Hi Bye, Mama” and “Into the Ring,” according to JoongAng Daily.

The month before the “Snowdrop” premiere, she also appeared in the hit Netflix drama “Hellbound,” which knocked “Squid Game” from the streaming giant’s most-watched series slot.

Following the news of her death, fans took to social media to mourn the shocking loss of the young star. “We didn’t expect this This is actually shocking… Watching Snowdrop will be more painful right now” a twitter user wrote.

Another fan wrote online, “A number of us have known you through Yeo Jeongmin but it won’t downsize that we have grown to love you in such short while. Ms. Kim Misoo, wherever you are now, bring with you the love we have like how Jeongmin had for Youngro, Seolhee, and Hyeryeong. Rest in peace, our actress.”

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