Keanu Reeves to play the Villain in Hobbs and Shaw Sequel


Keanu Reeves to play the Villain in Hobbs and Shaw 2 Sequel

Fast and Furious is famous media franchise distributed by Universal Picture. The first movie was released on 2001 which focused on Illegal street racing. Universal Picture expanded the sequel to include the Spin-off film Hobbs & Shaw in 2019.

Hobbs & Shaw which released in 2019 is a spin-ff of the movie. Spin-off are not new to Fast and Furious Franchise. However, the makers of the movie believe that they can have a separate franchise of their on as well.

There are rumors Keanu Reeves will appear in the spin-off. The Producer Chris Morgan admitted he spoke to the actor regarding potential role in the movie.

Rock also confirmed that he is leaving the door open for the future and there is also news that Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds will be appearing in the movie. Reynolds to play a CIA Agents and Kevin to play the role of Air Marshal.

Fans are so excited to know that Keanu Reeves will play the main Villain in Hobbs and Shaw 2. The actor is not yet come forward to confirm the rumors.

Fast and Furious is too much popular among audiences. Its has millions of fans around the world. The franchise has earns billions of dollar at the box office for years.

Currently Warner Bros is working on the sequel and the production of the movie is delayed due to the corona virus pandemic.


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