Kartik Aaryan Posts a Video After Revealing His New Look; A Big Surprise is Planned for Sunday


JNN, New Delhi. Kartik Aaryan, a Bollywood actor, appears to be in the mood to make a big ‘bang’ these days. That’s why, by uploading new posts on social media, they’re causing some uncertainty among their supporters. Kartik Aaryan debuted his new look the day before yesterday. In which he appeared to be nothing short of a superhero. He then followed up with a video today. With this he has promised supporters a surprise in the near future.

Kartik Aaryan is a frequent social media user. He is known for sharing a lot of photos of himself with his fans. On his YouTube channel, he recently posted a video. The video appears to be a trailer for a film. In the video, Kartik Aaryan appears to be a superhero. His eyes are protected by light spectacles. He’s also shown wearing a black overcoat and jumping into the video.

‘Someone called for a badass, arriving tomorrow,’ Kartik captioned the video on Instagram. Kartik also announced in this video that the secret of the video will be revealed at 12 p.m. on Sunday. Kartik’s video has piqued the interest of both his fans and his co-stars.

His video has also received comments from Bhumi Pednekar, Mrinal Thakur, Darshan Kumar, and Dabboo Ratnani. ‘Kya hai yeh sab,’ Bhumi Pednekar said. ‘Wait, sabar karo,’ Kartik responded in response to Bhumi’s statement. Now that Kartik’s article has gone viral, many are wondering what will happen the next day.

The day before, Kartik had also showcased a new look. His face is obscured by the darkness, but his long hair is apparent. Kartik is dressed in an overcoat and holds a shaft in his hand. In the background, there are some graphics. It was written on the 20th of June, twenty-first of June, twenty-first of June, twenty-first of June, twenty Coming a bit differently, Kartik has written with an image. Guess.

Concerning Kartik Aaryan’s ‘Dhamaka,’ it was reported a few days ago that the film could be released in August. This is the first film from Kartik that will directly reach the OTT platform instead of theaters. Tell me, in just 10 days Kartik finished shooting ‘Dhamaka.’ Most of the movie’s parts were shot indoors. A news anchor in Dhamaka is Kartik.

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