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John Rosatti is an entrepreneur most known for being one of the most successful auto dealers in the country. He was born in 1944 in Brooklyn, New York City, and is of part-Italian heritage. He has subsequently built a profitable restaurant business and is the founder of BurgerFi, an all-natural burger chain. All of his efforts have contributed to his current net worth.

What is John Rosatti Net Worth? Sources estimate that he has a net worth of $400 million as of early 2023, which he has accumulated mostly from a successful business career. BurgerFi has over 150 locations in the United States, making it one of the most rapidly expanding culinary franchises in recent years. All of these accomplishments have secured his affluent status.

NameJohn Rosatti
Date of BirthMarch 1 , 1994
Age77 Years Old
Birth PlaceBrooklyn, New York City
Marital StatusMarried
WifeBonni Sandra Rosatti (deceased 2000)
ChildrenAdam J. Rosatti, Angela Rosatti, Crystal Rosatti
ProfessionChairman of the Board of Directors of BurgerFi
Social MediaLinkedin & IMDB
Net Worth$400 Million
Last UpdatedMay, 2023

Early Life and Career

John Rosatti is frequently asked what his secret to success is. In this situation, John responds that he has always worked hard, maintained his word, and treated others with kindness.

In any event, John Rosatti has had an excellent career, which is why his biography might encourage others to follow in his footsteps.

He was born in the year 1944. Edward and Angeline, John’s parents, were not wealthy, but they had worked hard and instilled in their son a work ethic.

John started working when he was 13 years old to help support his parents. He’s always been fascinated by automobiles. As a result, he began working as a mechanic assistant and then as a mechanic.

His hard work and perseverance quickly earned him the respect of the automobile owners. The gifted adolescent attracted a large number of customers, allowing him to save money.

Opening a modest body shop was the next stage in John Rosatti’s career. Rosatti quickly amassed a sizable fortune. He put aside a substantial sum of money and then utilized it to purchase the Honda factory. From that point forward, John Rosatti’s career became a manifestation of the American ideal.

As of now, John Rosatti is a major corporate figure. And, like any other big player, he needs a lot of rest.

Personal Life and Relationships

John Rosatti is a happy father of three sons and daughters. His eldest daughter, Angela, is the Managing Director of his restaurants Vic & Angelo’s & The Office Delray, while his youngest daughter, Crystal, works in the non-profit sector in Providence, Rhode Island.

Rosatti and his long-term girlfriend, Zuzana Kovacova, presently reside in Palm Beach County, Florida. Zuzana has worked on interior design projects for a variety of homes, yachts, and planes. John continues to follow his family’s motto to this day: Always work hard, always keep your word, and always be nice to people.

Houses and Cars

John Rosatti has a number of homes in different parts of the country. Las Ola’s house is one of his most recent purchases. It was purchased for $12 million by a wealthy businessman. He lives there with Dawn Kimball, his girlfriend, and his three children from his former marriage. Bonni Rosatti, by the way, was John’s first wife. She gave birth to his three children before passing away in a vehicle accident.

In his father’s opulent mansion, John’s children now have a wonderful existence. The residence is two stories tall. It has a total living area of 8,764 square feet.

There’s a garage next to the house, which is designed in the shape of a U letter, where Rosatti stores his various automobiles. Of course, the property has a deep pool in the rear, which is a must-have for celebrities.

John Rosatti has a large number of automobiles, although not all of them are in his collection. He owns the Challenger 600 and the Leer 35.

The Challenger 600 is a high-end business jet manufactured by Canadair, a military aircraft manufacturer. Rich businesspeople frequently use it to fly quickly and safely to various business events and meetings. For both pilots and passengers, the Challenger 600 is the preferred aircraft. It appeals to pilots because of its ease of operation, fuel efficiency, and smooth motion, while passengers like its gorgeous appearance and roomy interior.

The Leer 35 is also a business jet. Learjet, a Canadian corporation, manufactures it. For any powerful entrepreneur, Leer 35 is an elegant and safe option.

John Rosatti not only uses the skies to get to his objective but also the water. He owns a fantastic boat!

So John Rosatti understands both ends of the spectrum – how to make money and how to spend it gracefully!

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