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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck look just as in love as 18 years ago and melt the cameras



Gardel says in his song “Back with withered forehead, The snows of time silver my temple, Feeling that life is a breath, That twenty-year is nothing, how feverish the look” And it seems that the 18 that separate the history of “Bennifer” love either.

Last Sunday, Jennifer Lopez came out in support of Ben Affleck on his big night. The TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, hosted an exclusive screening of the 49-year-old actor’s latest film ‘The Tender Bar’. JLo, his girlfriend, accompanied him as scheduled. They could not be more loving and committed after giving their love story a second opportunity. They arrange everything together, from weekends with the singer’s kids to romantic getaways and, of course, public appearances. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are fashionable couples. Last night on the red carpet, the two appeared scandalous with their appearances. They also stated that they were able to freeze time from 2003 to the present with an unmistakable expression of affection.

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez at Red Carpet

Jennifer Lopez, who at 52 is in her prime, was most favored in a sky blue Greek-cut Elie Saab dress. A very vaporous model with transparencies with which she looked like a real goddess. He wore his heart-stopping #flatabs with a velvet bow belt. The singer, actress, businesswoman, campaign face and multi-talented artist (to sum it up) was a real gift. She completed her outfit with a Tyler Ellis box clutch bag. Ben Affleck wore, for his part, a tuxedo look with a waistcoat and dark coat. He was most elegant.

The couple posed on the red carpet showing off all the glamor and personality that runs through their veins. Sparks flew between the two during the minutes prior to viewing, with many gestures of complicity, laughter, and glances. Between pose changes, left profile, right profile, and flashes, Jennifer Lopez was captured staring at Ben Affleck with the same “It’s HIM!” Face. then 18 years ago.

Those same truly charged JLo eyes were the ones photographers immortalized in the 2003 preview of ‘Gigli’. Last night Jennifer Lopez was a Greek goddess in love who had found her hero, again.

‘Gigli’ came to Spain under the title of ‘A dangerous relationship’ and it was the film that united Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the screen. It was released in 2003 and was the culprit that began to talk about the ‘Bennifer’ effect. Although it did not have the expected box office success, it made the protagonists famous as inseparable.

The natural face of a bride as much in love as proud that Jennifer Lopez delivered to the actor in their last appearance together cannot be feigned or concealed, despite the fact that Jenny and Ben have reproduced some of their fabled photos in front of the camera to the joy of photographers. Hugs and kisses come and go, but Jennifer Lopez’s eyes spoke more than words. It demonstrates that their love story hasn’t altered in 18 years.

George Clooney’s film starring Ben Affleck ‘The Tender Bar’ is based on the memoirs of journalist and writer JR Moehringer, in which he recounts his childhood and adolescent recollections. It will be released in Los Angeles and New York cinemas on December 17, in US theaters on December 22, and on Amazon Prime Video internationally on January 7, 2022.

Ben Affleck

Knowing how fond of Jennifer Lopez is, you will be more than happy about your partner’s professional achievements. She is also promoting ‘Marry Me’, a film in which Maluma debuts on the big screen and which will premiere on Valentine’s Day 2022. We have many red carpets left to see more tender moments from Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

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