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‘It’s a very sad and heartbreaking time for our family’ Chrisley Family Spoke about facing 30 years in prison for Tax Evasion



Todd Chrisley and his wife, Julie Chrisley, spoke about the conviction of bank fraud and tax evasion, saying it was a ‘painful time’ for their family. On June 7, Todd and Julie were convicted in federal court of criminal bank fraud and tax evasion. The plaintiffs claim that $ 30 million in fraudulent bank loans was needed to finance their luxury lifestyle. They are also accused of hiding their money from reality TV so as not to pay any tax.

The couple, who have been in prison for 30 years, plan to appeal the verdict. “We want to let everyone know that this is a sad, heartbreaking time for our family,” she said, while Julie, 49, added that she was “alive and kicking” and grateful for the support she had received. The miracle goes on to say that ‘there are many aspects of action, many things that have happened in our lives, and many have seen God’s actions today.’

Savannah believes that the legal situation can strengthen the family, but she admits that she feels that “God has failed.”

Todd is currently under house arrest with Julia in her six-bedroom, 10-bathroom home.

“It was difficult now, but we are grateful to each of you who tried,” he continued. “We have to go and do what we can.” Todd said the couple’s children – Chase, 26, Savannah, 24 and Grayson, 16 – “all did the best they could” because of the circumstances.

He added that Savannah and Chase are likely to replace the podcast. Their lawyer issued a statement that they were “disappointed with the verdict” and planned to appeal. One thing that really looks like the Chrisleys is their family ties. Their children supported them on social networks on various occasions.

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