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Elizabeth Woods is the mother of Jordyn Woods, a well-known American model. She was married to late sound engineer John Woods. The woodlands of Elizabeth and John had four children together. Elizabeth’s marriage to John Woods terminated in 2017 when he died of cancer. John died barely two years after learning he had cancer. Even after John Woods’ death, Elizabeth remains a devoted wife and mother. She adores her family and children. Elizabeth Woods Net Worth is expected to be around $5 Million as on August 2021.

Elizabeth is a multi-talented lady who works many jobs. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University. She is currently employed with Mixed Image Media in Los Angeles as a photographer and brand manager. Elizabeth Woods is the manager of her daughter, Jordyn Woods, a well-known plus-size model.

NameElizabeth Woods
Date of BirthMarch 31st, 1970
Birth PlaceUnited State of America
Height5 Feet 6 Inch
Weight75 Kg
Eye ColorLight Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Marital StatusDivorced
DaughterJordyn & Jodie Woods
ProfessionBusiness Women, Model & Internet Personality
OwnerMixed Image Media
Social Media HandleInstagram , Twitter & Facebook
Net Worth$5 Million

Elizabeth Woods’ Family and Personal life

Elizabeth Woods remains a devoted wife despite the death of her husband, John Woods, to cancer. She is the single mother of four talented and gorgeous children. Elizabeth is a strong lady who values her family, job, and children above everything else. Elizabeth’s childhood is a mystery; we don’t know who her parents are or where they reside. Despite this, it is thought that Elizabeth spent most of her childhood in California.

Elizabeth and her late husband, John Woods, had four children: two sons and two girls. John Woods III and Joshua Woods are their sons, while Jordyn and Jodie Woods are their daughters. With the aid of a specialist from the Elizabeth agency, her first son, John Woods III, has created a reputation for himself in the modeling industry. Jordyn Wood, Elizabeth’s third child, is a model like her brother. She is Elizabeth Woods’ most popular kid and a social celebrity. Jordyn Wood has been revealed as Kylie Jenner’s best pal.

Elizabeth Joshua Woods’ second kid is a tattoo artist who created several of his immediate sister’s tattoos. Joshua chooses to remain away from the spotlight of social media and concentrate on his job. Elizabeth Jodie Woods’ final kid was born on January 7th, 200. With over 240 thousand followers on Instagram, she is already well-known.

Elizabeth adores her family and children. She is really close to all of her children and has a wonderful relationship with them. Not only is Elizabeth their mother, but she also oversees the majority of her children’s professions.

Career and Professional life

Image Source – Instagram

Elizabeth Woods graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, with a bachelor’s degree in medicine. From 2003 until the present, she has been a member of the National Association of Female Executives. She currently resides in the West Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. She is a woman who is really enthusiastic about her work. Tough Elizabeth is a well-known socialite in California, but she wants to keep her private life private.

Elizabeth’s brand management career has had numerous ups and downs. Her commitment to work, on the other hand, has not altered. She is still striving to be the greatest in the field. Elizabeth is a gifted brand manager and the owner of Woods Management Group, a brand management firm.

Elizabeth also serves as the business manager for Jordyn Woods, Elizabeth’s daughter. Elizabeth Wood has worked closely with her daughter and assisted her in obtaining excellent bargains. Jordyn and Elizabeth worked together to acquire contracts such as a makeup line collaboration with their closest friend Kylie Jenner and a clothing line relationship with BooHoo, a U.K. based firm.

So, Where does Elizabeth Woods live?

Although Elizabeth now resides in West Hill, Los Angeles, California, she is an avid traveler.

Despite her status as a socialite, she chose to keep her personal life hidden from the media, most likely to retain a sense of privacy or protect herself from public scrutiny. She only revealed a few details about her personal life.

Elizabeth Woods’ kids and what they do?

Elizabeth Woods is a devoted mother of four children, including two boys, John Woods III and Joshua Woods, and two daughters, Jordyn Woods and Jodie Woods.

Despite the tragedy of her husband’s death, she continued to care for her children and family. What a wonderful mommy you have!

John Woods III was John and Elizabeth’s first child. He is a model, and the Elizabeth Agency helped him launch his career. John and Elizabeth are inseparably linked. Elizabeth clearly has a positive relationship with her children.

Elizabeth’s second son is Joshua Woods. He is a tattoo artist and is also employed by his mother’s agency. Joshua worked on some of his younger sister’s tattoos. Joshua isn’t a big fan of social media. He is solely concerned with his career and not with himself.

Jordyn Woods is Elizabeth’s first child and the Woods family’s third child. She, like John Woods III, is a model and a social media sensation. She is well known as Kylie Jenner’s best friend and is a model and social media sensation. Jordyn Woods has been the subject of rumors that she hooked up with Canadian basketball player Tristan Thompson.

Judie Woods is the family’s second daughter and last child of John and Elizabeth. On January 7, 2007, she was born. Despite the fact that she is just 12 years old, she has amassed more than 240,000 Instagram followers.

Elizabeth Woods’ Net worth

Elizabeth Woods’ bond with her children became well-known on social media, particularly Instagram. Elizabeth Woods also accumulated some fortune as a result of her hard work and devotion.

The actual amount of Elizabeth Woods’ net worth has not yet been revealed. Her first daughter, on the other hand, has a net worth of more than $5 million, the majority of which she earned as a model.

Elizabeth Woods and her children got closer after her husband died. In reality, Elizabeth and Jordyn traveled to London earlier this year to celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday at Knight’s Scalini restaurant, where she was surprised with a lavish cake. Someone noticed them all dressed as animals that night.

Elizabeth Woods Net Worth is the result of her hard work and consistent devotion.

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