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Charu Asopa Sent Divorce Notice To Husband Rajiv Sen; said ‘Nothing Left in their Marriage’



Charu Asopa and Rajiv Sen are divorcing. They fight, separate for a while and return at the end. This has become almost the norm and a few are always in the news about the same. But this time things seem to be going to a dead end. After 3 years of marriage, the couple finally decided to divorce. A few days ago, Charu posted about what “kills a relationship” after deleting her husband Rajeev’s photos from her Instagram account. Today, the actress revealed that she sent a divorce notice to Rajeev to end her troubled three-year marriage.

Charu admits that Rajiv is not a responsible father and there are many problems between her because of his videos on his vlog. Charu says she has given enough chances to her husband and now hopes for a good divorce. However, Rajeev Sen accused her of hiding her first marriage with him.

Charu said there is nothing left in their marriage anymore. “Everyone knows that we have had problems in our marital life for last 3 years. But I’ll give him another chance. In the past for me and our daughter Ziana. Par woh chance dete dete teen saal kab nikal gaye mujhe kuch pata nahi chala (But I don’t know how to give it another chance, which resulted in his three years). He has problems with trust and I can’t take it anymore. I sent him a simple notice to ask for an amicable divorce, because there was nothing left in our relationship. I wanted a divorce because I didn’t want my daughter to grow up in a toxic and abusive environment. I don’t want her to see people hurling and abusing each other. “

Rajeev, on the other hand, has his own set of grudges. He says Charu had hidden from him that she was previously married. He said that fact was hidden from him. Lack of trust, ego, clashes, childlike fight and many more… “Practically no one barring those from her hometown knew about her first marriage. It was a secret that remained a secret to us. It shocked me and shook me a lot. 3 years of marriage and I had no idea.” he told the entertainment portal.

 Rajeev also denied allegations of impotence. He added that Charu had given him all the importance of her vacation, but after it ended it was unnecessary. He added, “I think at this point. it is foolishness to trust someone blindly. The world is different now and only understands the language of money.”

On the job front, Charu Agle’s TV appearances include Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Devon Ke Dev … Mahadev, Mere Angne Mein, Vikram Pay Ki Rahasya Gatha and many more.

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