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Charlize theron Mad Max star goes Topless for fragrance ad



Charlize Theron appeared in a brand new ad campaign to promote Dior perfume.

This 47-year-old actress Mad Max star looked very youthful, with a wrinkle-free face and smooth skin as she wore a gold-colored necklace. The mother of two has been a part of the brand since 2004.

C’est ca que j’adore! My latest campaign is by Jean Baptiste Mondino with the iconic necklace created by Maria Grazia Chiuri for the new J’adore Parfum D’eau, an ingenuous high-concentrated eau de Parfum without alcohol”, she added.

She previously stated that she associates scents with nostalgia.’

Image Source: Instagram

 The actor explained that even though wearing perfume is a small gesture that can be indulged in, the act can also create a profound impact on other people and be a source of ‘fantastic moments with her children.

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 Theron said – The one thing I love about perfume is that it’s a small action you can perform to yourself, yet it has a significant impact. I believe that fragrance enhances your mood. It’s so simple, and I always make the most of it.

“For me, it’s also connected with nostalgia, as when my kids use phrases like “that smells just like you, mom’. It’s so linked to the most precious moments, and I deeply admire it. ‘

The ‘Monster’ actress was quoted as saying that smell is something that people don’t value the smell they should. While she doesn’t follow a particular perfume ritual, she has an e-liquid at home.

 She wrote in British Vogue: she believed it’s one of those things that we do not value enough as we ought to. I don’t have any rituals of scent. However, I do have fragrances around my home or in my bathroom. I’ll pass an empty bottle and then consider, ”oh, I’ll just spray this a little bit.’

The Oscar-winning actress said that as she grows older, she doesn’t have to worry about having a ‘ton of powder on her face. She also said that being able to look natural’ in films has changed how she approaches her red carpet appearance.

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