8 Best Snowboard Bags For Air Travel


Having the correct gear may make all the difference when hitting the slopes on your next snowboarding trip, whether you’re a beginner or have been ripping powder for years. A waterproof ski jacket and a warm pair of gloves are probably already on your packing list, but a robust snowboard backpack to transport your board is something you should absolutely not neglect.

You may not have given much consideration to picking your snowboard bag because they all help you carry your stuff from point A to point B, but the proper one will make traveling with a large snowboard so much simpler. Some include clever features like in-line skate wheels that make navigating the airport a snap, while others have cushioned straps and handles so you can easily carry your snowboard once you are to the mountain.

We looked at reviews from experienced snowboarders to determine which ones lived up to the hype in order to assist you to choose the ideal solution for your requirements. Who better to ask for advice than individuals who have bought and traveled with these bags? Each choice on this list has received a near-perfect rating in addition to many wonderful five-star ratings.

The best snowboard bags for air travel that consumers enjoy the most for winter travel range from two-piece sets to rolling snowboard bags to large choices that can accommodate several boards at once.

So, the list of some of the best snowboard bags for air travel is here:-

  • Best Overall: Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag
  • Best Two-Piece Set: Athletico Two-Piece Snowboard and Boot Bag Combo
  • Best Padded Option: Element Equipment Deluxe Padded Snowboard Bag
  • Best for Multiple Boards: Burton Space Sack Snowboard Bag
  • Best Water-resistant Option: Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag
  • Best Rolling Bag: Athletica Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag
  • Best with Different Prints: Dakine Pipe Snowboard Bag
  • Best Hardshell Case: Sportube Series 3 Ski/Snowboard Bag

Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag


Thanks to its robust wheels and padded straps, this Burton snowboard bag is one of the most popular alternatives on Amazon. Clients like that the rolling snowboard bag comes with an inside webbing strap system that holds your board in position, as well as a fully padded main compartment. Additionally, it includes locking zippers so you don’t have to worry about stuff slipping out during transport. As one customer gushed, “very beautiful and sturdy purse.” For the traveling snowboarder, i would definitely suggest it.

It’s an excellent investment for those of us who don’t live within an hour of the slopes. On the roof rack of our jeep, we carried this bad boy from California to Maryland. The bag was stuffed with two snowboards, two sets of boots, and fillable spaces for gloves!

Athletico Two-Piece Snowboard and Boot Bag Combo


Want to travel your snowboard and boots with ease? Check out this Athletico two-piece outfit. Boot carrier can easily accommodate snowboard boots up to men’s size 13. Snowboard boards up to 165 centimeters long may be stored in the snowboard storage sleeve. It features a top handle and cushioned arm straps that may be removed.

In addition, all bags have lots of additional space for other gear such as goggles, gloves, and helmets to be packed inside. One buyer commented, “I love this pair.” If there is any movement in the truck bed, this offers it a great level of protection. My favorite part is that I can store everything together in one convenient spot! No cushioning, but it’s a heavy and robust bag, so I’m OK with that.”

Element Equipment Deluxe Padded Snowboard Bag


In Amazon’s best-seller list, the Element Equipment Snowboard Bag is number one for a reason. As well as padded walls, a waterproof inner lining, and a very tough fabric makeup, this bag is meant to last. You may pick between two lengths, each weighing less than 4 pounds.

According to a reviewer, “after using it on numerous trips already, I have to say that it’s still just as good as the day I purchased it.” In addition to my 163 board with flow bindings, it has enough room left over to fit all of my other gear including boots, trousers, jacket, helmet and goggles. I also packed two caps and two sets of gloves.” Would purchase it again in a heartbeat.”

Burton Space Sack Snowboard Bag


More than one snowboard is required when traveling with friends or family. Take, for example, this spacious alternative from Burton, which is particularly intended to accommodate numerous boards at the same time. Top handles and an adjustable shoulder strap round out the package. It can fit snowboards ranging in size from 130 centimeters to 181 centimeters.

Perhaps the greatest of all is to be found here. A lifetime warranty is included. In the words of one customer, “This Burton space bag is AMAZING.” As a result, your wet snowboard won’t damage the bag’s interior. It’s fantastic! “I’d purchase it again if I could.”

Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag


In need of a waterproof snowboard bag that can withstand the elements? Check out this alternative from Athalon, according to Amazon consumers. Besides its water-resistant polyester shell, customers claim the popular item is highly ventilated, allowing wet snowboards and gear to dry faster after spending the day in the snow.

Self-repairing zippers and rubber grip handles make it a sturdy bag. Customer: “This is a fantastic bag.” “Everyone makes a comment on your style. All of my gear can fit in it. On the trip up to the mountain, everything stays dry and safe in the pickup’s bed.”

Athletica Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag


The gliding wheels on this snowboard bag from Athletica make it easy to move through a congested airport. The bag has cushioned inside and sturdy zippers that won’t get snagged or come off the track. A shoulder strap allows you to take it upstairs or other places where rolling isn’t possible.

Customers have said that the bag is excellent for the price. Wheels glide smoothly and quietly, with lots of cushioning, compartments, and straps to keep the bag in place. In just to be on the safe side, I bought a 175-inch board to accommodate all of my winter apparel, boots, and helmet. I may not need to bring a bag on my vacations anymore. Start here if you’re searching for a decent budget travel bag.”

Dakine Pipe Snowboard Bag


Looking for a stylish bag to take your board about in? This Dakine alternative may fit the bill. In addition to having a streamlined shape, the cold-weather item is available in eight distinct eye-catching colors and prints, making it easy to find in baggage claims.

According to one satisfied customer, the bag is “excellent,” while another stated that it is “simple to carry about” and “all my gear fits in it.”

Sportube Series 3 Ski/Snowboard Bag


As a frequent flyer, you may wish to invest in a hardshell alternative to protect your board from the wear and tear of airlines. It can accommodate two snowboards or skis, including their boots and bindings, in this plastic Sportube.

Lockable for additional protection, this heavy-duty case features two wheels for easy transportation, and its dimensions are within all major airline baggage requirements. According to one shopper, “This was by far the simplest case to handle through the airport and hotel.” A hard case also felt more secure than the soft ones. Definitely a recommendation.”

To put this list above here we did lots of research and hard work and finally, we can say that these are the best snowboard bags for air travel. Choose your bag wisely. Thank You!

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