Top 10 Best Sniper Movies You Must Watch!


If you like sniper, you probably appreciate great sniper movies. We are talking about badass movies with great action scenes, crime dramas with epic shootouts, where our man from a distance measures his enemies and then makes a beautiful headshot.

We all love sniper movies. In fact, we are seeking for suggestions of good sniper movies. We got plenty of requests asking us to make a list of the best sniper movies. So, here we are doing what we absolutely love to do i.e. fulfilling your wishes.

Before writing this article, we did plenty of research, poll and also took suggestions from our cinephile pals. And believe us this is what you’ve been looking for so long. This is your ultimate guide to the best sniper movies

Here are our picks of the 10 best sniper movies, in no particular order:

Shooter – 2007

In the film Shooter, Mark Wahlberg plays Bob Lee Swagger. Swagger is an expert Marine sniper who vanishes when the mission goes wrong. Swagger is discovered by the US government, and he soon understands that the government’s goal is a gigantic set-up. He is now the subject of a manhunt after being accused of plotting to assassinate the President of the United States.

Swagger, rather than fleeing, employs his training and skills to exact vengeance on those who have wronged him.

Enemy at the Gates – 2001

In 2001, the film Enemy at the Gates was released, based on a nonfiction book of the same name. The events of the film are based on the Battle of Stalingrad, which took place between 1942 and 1943.

Despite the fact that the film is based on a genuine story, the main character is modeled on a sharpshooter named Vasily Zaitsev only vaguely. Zaitsev is played by Jude Law, and he is a Red Army trooper. Zaitsev is clearly a rifle expert, and his achievements have earned him legendary status in the Army.

The Germans dislike Zaitsev, and there is a plan in place to assassinate him that does not proceed as planned. Double-crosses, love triangles and high-action war sequences abound in this sniper film.

Saving Private Ryan – 1998

The film follows Captain John H. Miller (Tom Hanks), who commands a platoon of soldiers during the D-Day invasion of Normandy near the conclusion of WWII. Their initial aim is to liberate France and destroy the Nazis, together with almost 175,000 other Allied servicemen. Miller is able to advance his unit up over the ridge and into the French countryside once they get off Omaha Beach (yeah, those awful battle scenes).

Jack Reacher – 2012

Jack Reacher is a nomad who traverses the country as a retired Army criminal investigator. A sniper shoots five individuals for no apparent cause, which serves as the film’s instigating incident. Barr, a suspect, is easily apprehended, but he orders the cops to “grab Jack Reacher.”

Reacher is difficult to track down due to his lifestyle, as he has no desire to be found. Reacher’s association with the suspect, on the other hand, has a lengthy past.

Reacher had previously investigated Barr after a shooting, but the Army chose not to prosecute him. Reacher made it obvious that if he ever heard of Barr again, he was going to murder him.

Reacher sees Barr’s portrait on the television while in Florida and rushes to Pittsburg.

Jack Reacher appears while the defense attorney is trying to figure out how to locate a retired and nomadic Army investigator who does not want to be discovered. Reacher is determined to figure out if Barr is to blame for the shooting, despite his first suspicions. As the film progresses, we witness Reacher arrive at various conclusions, and we understand why Barr requested him.

American Sniper – 2014

In 2014, the film American Sniper was released. Chris Kyle’s memoir, American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History, served as the inspiration for the film. Kyle is a formidable sniper who has killed over 255 people throughout his stints in Iraq.

Despite his accomplishments, his stint in the military had a significant impact on his personal life. His first post-9/11 mission to Iraq earned him the moniker of “Legend,” despite the fact that the experience was traumatic.

As memories of his time in combat consume his thoughts, Kyle feels increasingly detached from his wife and newborn son whenever he returns home. Kyle eventually receives assistance from the VA and adjusts to civilian life.

Sniper – 1993

Sniper, starring Billy Zane and Tom Berenger, was released in 1993.

This initial Sniper film is followed by a series of Sniper films. Sniper stars Tom Berenger as Master Gunnery Sergeant Beckett, a sniper entrusted with assassinating a rebel commander in Panama.

Miller (Billy Zane), a civilian, becomes Beckett’s teammate after his spotter dies during the operation. Another rebel commander must be assassinated by the two of them.

Miller has no combat skills despite being a sniper, and the two battle with Miller’s inexperience and trust issues. The film does, however, have a dramatic ending in which each character saves the other.

The American – 2010

Jack, an assassin and artisan from the United States, is tasked with developing a formidable customized sniper. However, while working on the weapon, he falls in love and befriends a priest, breaking his confidentiality rules, causing him to be double-crossed and mortally wounded by the end of the film, leaving his fate up to the audience to decide.

Phonebooth – 2002

When the pompous Stu Shepard is caught in a booth with a sniper who has his sights set on him, his world is turned upside down.

The sniper knows every detail about Stu’s life and utilizes it to play various mind tricks with him. Now he must outsmart both the sniper and the cops who believe he is a serial killer (and is unaware of the presence of the sniper).

Elephant White – 2011

Elephant White is an action-drama film with its ups and downs, but it is still entertaining and worth watching. A powerful businessman hires a sniper to get vengeance on the Thai traders who murdered his daughter. Despite the fact that this film isn’t a critical favorite, it earns praise for its artistic execution and sniper-centric plot.

Targets – 1968

Targets is a psychological thriller that is still in theaters today.

Bobby Thompson murders his wife and mother, then embarks on a killing spree, killing a slew of people while eluding the cops until Byron Orlok, a nearly retired cop, eventually tracks him down.


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