‘Aashiqui Girl’ Anu Agarwal, Remembers the Days of the Accident


‘Aashiqui Girl’ Anu Agarwal, Remembers the Days of the Accident

Actress Anu Agarwal (Anu Aggarwal), who made a special place in the hearts of the audience with the 1990 film ‘Aashiqui’ (Aashiqui), has kept a distance from the film world for many years. In the very first film, she had ironed out her performance. After that, overnight she became the favourite actor of the people. However, she faced an accident that turned her whole life upside down.

Anu is active on social media

Today Anu is of course away from films but is quite active on social media (Social Media). Anu recently shared her videos on Instagram Reel (Instagram Reel). In it, she recalls the old bad days, and she has told people here how to face difficulties. Anu also recalled her accident days in these videos.

Anu advises doing yoga

“I went through a very tough period in my life where I was sick, hurting, and nothing was going right,” she said. Everyone, however, goes through tough times at some stage in their lives where everything becomes incredibly difficult. I’d like you to meditate throughout this period.”

The actress went on to say that when nothing else works, meditation is a great help. She went on to say that it was through this that she had gotten herself out of a lot of trouble.

Anu had lost memory for 3 years

Anu Agarwal went into a coma after an accident in 1999. A month later, she regained consciousness and by then her whole life had changed. It took her many years to come out of this terrible accident. She had also lost her memory for 3 years. By then her film career was also ruined.

Anu never gave up

However, despite these difficulties, Anu never lost. She kept her thinking positive and continued to move forward in life.

Anu was last seen in the 1996 film ‘Return of Jewel Thief’. She became a part of just 9 films in her career.


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