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777 Charlie Twitter Review: Fans Became Emotional….



The highly anticipated and highly anticipated film 777 Charlie with Rakshit Shetty and the Dog in the lead role arrived today in cinemas in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. The film met all expectations because it met with a positive response from viewers. After watching the film on the big screen, many internet users shared their views on social networks and said they had to see it.

Rakshit Shetty, a Kannada star and producer who played the lead role in the film, was praised for his performance in the film and was also thanked for bringing a moving and moving story to the audience.

777 Charlie, dubbed in Hindi, pays tribute to Charlie Chaplin. There is also a reference to Chaplin’s peer Buster Keaton – Charlie’s original name for Keaton. Charlie’s witty and enthusiastic personality suggests that he is a direct descendant of silent movie stars who constantly annoy their surroundings by running around.

Among the actors were Sangeetha Sringeri as an animal rights activist, Raj B Shetty as a vet, Bobby Simha as the owner of a stud farm who met Dharma on his travels, and Danish Sait as a journalist. But the 165-minute film is usually the second between Dharma and Charlie, who are both injured in various ways and are looking for safety and love.

Many fans said the film was a bit emotional and some urged other viewers to bring something to wipe their tears while watching the film. Netizens also call it the perfect combination of emotion and cuteness with a good story. While Charlie was in full swing, Rakshit Shetty was widely praised for his role as Dharma. 777 Charlie also describes Rakshit Shetty’s debut as a pan-Indian actor.

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