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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney’s first feature-length film, and it has been in theaters since 1937. The original fairy tale that inspired the Disney film is credited to the Brothers Grimm.

The names of the seven dwarfs were not included in the original fairy tale collected by The Brothers Grimm. Instead, the 7 dwarf names were first used in the Broadway play “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” in 1912 and were later used in the animated picture.

We’ve listed all 7 dwarfs names along with their images so there’s no mistaking who’s who. This is due to the fact that some of these small creatures are practically identical. We’ll also go over some intriguing facts about the dwarfs, such as how their names came to be.

Here are the 7 dwarfs names :

1. Happy

Happy Dwarf

Happy is one of the most well-known names among the seven dwarfs that have become popular.

Happy never wears a frown and is always willing to share his enthusiasm with his companions. Happy was voiced by Otis Harlan in the film, and it was a fantastic match for both of their upbeat dispositions.

Dance, eat, and parties are some of Happy’s favorite activities.

Happy was one of a kind in that he was the only one who could introduce himself to Snow White while the others couldn’t.

2. Doc

Doc Dwarf

Doc is the next person on the list. He is the seven dwarfs’ most recognizable leader. In the 1937 picture, Roy Atwell plays Doc.

Doc is immediately identifiable because he is the only one in the bunch who wears glasses! He’s also recognized for his domineering demeanor, but in a positive way, like that of a leader.

3. Grumpy

Grumpy Dwarf

One of the most popular dwarfs is Grumpy, who is voiced by Pinto Colvig.

Grumpy is grumpy and grouchy, as one might anticipate. He has a short fuse that is easy to light, but he is constantly under strain. Despite the fact that most people perceive him as a grumpy old dwarf, he is one of the most loving and caring characters in the film.

Grumpy’s distinctive pose is a red tunic with a smirk or scowl on his face and his arms folded together. He is constantly disgusted, and he does not get along with Happy or Dopey.

4. Dopey

Dopey Dwarf

The group’s most childish dwarf! Dopey is noted for his gentle demeanor and love of Snow White. Eddie Collins portrays Dopey in the film.

He’s one of the dwarfs in the bunch who stands out the most. Dopey, who is bald and wears a purple cap, is the only one who is dressed in an oversized tunic.

5. Bashful


When a princess is around, Bashful is notorious for batting his lovely tiny eyelashes and blushing.

Scotty Mattraw is the actor who played Bashful in a well-known film. Bashful always looks cute, whether he’s embarrassed or flirting. He enjoys hiding behind his beard and covering his face in whatever way he can.

Bashful has an introverted side that dislikes being the center of attention. Bashful fantasizes of sweet love and a happy ending, especially with Snow White.

Bashful is dressed modestly in a yellow-brown tunic and a greenish-teal cap. His red cheeks often shine through as he tries to blend in with his surroundings.

6. Sleepy

Sleepy Dwarf

Sleepy, who constantly has a fatigued appearance, is one of the most relatable characters among the seven dwarfs.

Sleepy was voiced by Sterling Holloway, who previously played Winnie the Pooh! Sleepy does depict his laid-back manner, despite the fact that most of the lines consist of yawning and snoring.

Sleepy is so at ease that he can fall asleep almost anyplace, even if he has only just awoken! Although many people perceive him as a slacker, he actually works very hard and earns all of the money he receives.

Sleepy, like Bashful, has a greenish-teal cap and a yellow suit, and his eyes are always heavy. As you watch the film, you may find yourself yawning and wiping your eyes with him at the end. Drowsy was required by Walt Disney to have one droopy eyelid at all times in order to appear sleepy.

7. Sneezy

Sneezy Dwarf

You should probably keep your distance from this particular one. Sneezy always appears to have a cold and can’t seem to quit sneezing! Sneezes often seem to occur at the most inconvenient moments! In the film, Billy Gilbert plays this ailing dwarf.

If his continual sneezing isn’t enough to identify him, something is seriously wrong! At the very least, he has his fellow dwarfs who, when they can, assist him in dealing with his continual illness.

That’s all there is to the names of the seven dwarfs! We hope we were able to answer all of your queries about the dwarfs’ names!

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