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10 Best Ever Fantasy Genre Book Novels



Do you want to add a new fantasy book to your catalogue? We’ve come up with a list of fantasy books. Some take place in weird and fantastic places, while others begin in our backyard. An excellent fantasy novel fills the imagination with juvenile delight and sticks with us because of its realism. Beyond providing a brief respite from the stresses of everyday life, the finest fantasy novels assist us in confronting them.

1.   The lie tree

Faith is resolved to separate the reality of the situation from the falsehoods when her father is discovered dead under suspicious circumstances. She comes upon an unusual tree while going through his possessions for clues. When the tree’s fruit is consumed, it will reveal a secret truth to the individual who consumes it. The daughter discovers she’s adept at lying, and the branch might contain the secret to her father’s death, so she starts spreading lies far and wide.

2.   Game of thrones

George R. R. Martin’s incredible fantasy novels series, widely regarded as some of the finest fantastical books ever written, is absent from any list of the greatest fantasy novels. The war for the Throne has started in a realm wherein summers may endure decades and winters can last a generation. Game of Thrones’ blockbuster popularity ensures that the novel will appear on top fantasy novel lists for coming years.

3.   Legacy of Orisha

Orisha’s Legacy is the first novel in Tomi Adeyemi’s West Black fantasy novels series. Orisha used to be full of enchantment, Zélie recalls. When several clans governed with distinct abilities, such as her Reaper mother’s ability to call souls, all altered when the merciless ruler ordered the assassination of everybody with influence, quite a few humans have the opportunity to wield magic now, and they must remain concealed. Zélie is one among them, but she does have the chance to restore magic to her family and overthrow the empire. Read this book by downloading on thepirateproxybay.com.

4.   Eragon

At the start of the novel, Eragon is a penniless farm worker living in Alagaesia, a kingdom controlled by the fallen dragon rider Galbatorix, who is now wicked. Eragon expects to discover some worth in a mysterious stone he finds in the hills, but his existence is permanently transformed as the unusual carved stone hatch. Because dragons were assumed to be dead, when Saphira hatches from her egg, Eragon nurtures her in seclusion before two dark Ra’zac arrive in search of the stone. Eragon’s once-simple existence is now jeopardised. In a landscape of enchantment and unthinkable perils, the destiny of the Kingdom hangs in the balance, and he must take up the fabled mantle of once Dragon Riders to live. Eragon is a fantasy novel about an everlasting friendship between a kid and a dragon, as well as their quest to accomplish their fates.

5.   The name of the wind

While outstanding writing is prevalent, it isn’t always necessary. Above everything, we would like a good tale, and we don’t mind if the text is legible. Rothfuss’ debut work demonstrated that an epic fantasy book could contain excellent writing and gorgeous prose. But it’s the framework of The Name of the Wind that’s most intriguing. We first see Kvothe just after the conflict, a battered and tortured man. Part of the series’ allure is the enigma of how he arrived at that position from his origins as an arrogant prodigy.

6.   Kushiel’s dart

Another feature of the fantasy adventure genre is courtesans. While most secondary figures are friends or opponents, Phedre, a courtesan anointed by a deity to experience pleasure and suffering as one, is introduced in Carey’s bestselling novel. She is, in those other terms, a masochist. She’s also a secret agent, in addition to her courtesan abilities. Even while it doesn’t precisely follow the classic searching epic fantasy treatise, this unexpected combo in a hero explains why it’s one of the top fantasy novels.

7.   The power

Although The Power is technically science fiction, we’ve included it in our fantasy picks because it is even more magical than every female in the nation becoming able to injure males Palpatine-style using their fingertips seriously? That is The Power’s piercingly clever and wonderfully explored concept, which lets us picture what might happen if indeed the world’s current balance – or, more accurately, imbalance – was shifted in regards to women. In a fortnight, would we be living in a peaceful utopia? Would we be confronted with the same issues as before? Or would there be a slew of new difficulties to overcome?

8.   Riot baby

Based in the coming years, Riot Baby may be a fantasy narrative with magical aspects, but it examines very real, relevant, and vital topics of racism and prejudice mechanisms. Kev, a black Teenager in jail, is the riot baby in this novel. Ella, his sister, possesses various extraordinary abilities, including the ability to see into destiny. Riot Baby is a novel in size ideal for anybody whose attention span has dwindled and presented in a rapid style that causes us to feel as if we’re viewing flashes of recollections in a way that’s tied to many of the primary themes of rage and unfairness.

9.   Kindred

Some may consider Octavia E. Butler’s wonderful Kindred to be fantasy literature, but it makes our list, whereas Butler herself described it as “a type of dismal fantasy.” This is a time-travelling tale, but we guarantee it’s unlike anything you’ve ever read. Kindred tells the narrative of Dana, a girl who is transferred from Los Angeles in 1976 to a Maryland farm in 1815, albeit one that she is presumed to be a servant. The mystical, surreal, time-travelling components, like any good fantasy, serve as a gateway into a visceral investigation of race, privilege, and gender that is as interesting and necessary as it was when Butler originally released it in 1979.

10.                  Earthlings

Not for a weak heart, this gloomy fantasy humour from the writer of Convenience Store Woman is challenging to categorise, and the closing pages will almost certainly leave you speechless. Natsuki and Yuu are relatives who have been preparing to be kidnapped and sent to their native land for quite some time. So far, everything has been childish, but they grow into adults, and the plot continues. Earthlings promote little acts of disobedience against what society tells us we must do, and no taboo is left uncovered.


Great fantasy works portray the world in a different light, but each is also a cosmos in its own right. We assume you enjoyed perusing this list of the most outstanding fantasy books ever written! Although there are many long and intricate narratives in writing, only epic fantasies explain magical techniques; they construct societies from scratch and maintain a sizable memorable cast. Pick one book to escape from the realism of the world, to relax from your routine life for a short time.

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